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Avo-rrito Street Cuisine
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A Food Life

A native to Kent, Ohio, I grew up in a modest home where I learned to cook at a fairly young age. In my early teenage years I found myself in and out of kitchens starting as a dishwasher and progressed through the ranks; sous chef to kitchen manager.

After high school I moved to Denver, Colorado and landed a great gig working in what’s known as the celebrity hang out. Marlowe’s on 16th raised the bar and honed skills needed in an urban cutting edge establishment. Then off to Ventura, California where I continued to work in kitchens and met some of my biggest mentors to this day. I learned to run a kitchen from top to bottom and understood the amount of elbow grease that goes into running some of the greatest restaurants. While in Southern California I found my love of Mexican street food and enjoyed frequenting the many carts lining the city streets.

I’m now ready to start a new adventure with food through my own pop-up food stands and catering back in Ohio, closer to my hometown. This will allow me to open my avenues and reach more people all across Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania and beyond. I look forward to providing people with great food, fresh flavors and supporting local farmers and gardeners along the way.

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