Avo-rrito Street Cuisine



    It’s no secret that I’ve been cooking for many years and in and out of a handful of great restaurants across the country. However, throughout those years I never put much thought into the quality of food I was putting into my body or preparing for others.

    Seven years ago my middle son was born and everything came full circle. I found myself wanting to give him whole foods as much as possible. Pureeing baby food to ensure the freshest ingredients. But then came the day we had to transition him to regular milk.

    We never thought too much about this event, our first son transitioned just fine we had no reason to worry. Apparently, lactose was a problem for our son and as we started trying a number of almond, coconut, soy and other varieties of milk options out there we also started reading up on all of these. That’s when we found a local farm that produces real milk, “milk like it used to be”, at Baker’s Golden Dairy. Their milk is pasteurized but non-homogenized so people with lactose intolerance can typically drink it without any issues.

    We were thrilled when we found this solution. Our son was doing better and we loved being able to go directly to the farm. Knowing where our milk is coming from and see the very cows that are providing us.

    This whole story really brought to light the other food and food like products we were putting into our bodies.

    It made us question where was the food really coming from, was everything grown with GMO seeds and how many pesticides were sprayed on our food before it got to our table.

    As we educated ourselves and found many local farmers and small businesses to help provide us with the freshest, least chemical ridden products we really wanted to help give these great resources back to the community through the food that we prepare for you.

    We love giving back to the local farmers and helping them as they help us live our healthiest lives.

    This blog is meant to help open your eyes to some of the farmers and small businesses that helped shape who we are. Some of them you may already be aware of but hopefully we’ll feature a few that you have not patronized.

    We hope to stop-in with one business a month. As we visit with each business, we hope to showcase their products and show you how you can prepare these foods yourself in a quick and easy way to share with your families.

    Stay tuned, our first feature will be on Mastropietro Winery and their grape harvest.