Avo-rrito Street Cuisine



    Time is slipping away, it seems like just yesterday we were out at Mastropietro Winery, at the end of September, harvesting the wine grapes with Dan and his family and friends. Although the weather conditions weren’t perfect for the grapes this year, Mastropietro Winery was still able to get a good crop.

    Harvesting grapes was a great place to start as we grow and learn about our local resources. This was our first time ever harvesting grapes and we learned so much from everyone involved. Bright and early that Sunday morning we headed out to Berlin Center, Ohio to start our day. As the sun shown through the grape vines we were handed our tools and bins for cutting and collecting the grapes.

    Working along the vineyard together, it was amazing to see how quickly the job could get done. Some of us had music playing in the background and everyone shared stories about previous years harvests and about the winery in general, time just slipped away. Enjoying the company of others and making the most of what could be a tedious task just has a way of doing that.

    It takes approximately 20 pounds of grapes to make a single gallon of wine, that’s about 4 pounds of grapes per bottle of wine!

    We all worked as efficiently as we could and before we knew it we had bins of grapes just lying around the vineyard which would later be picked up by Dan.

    Thanks to Dan and his family for welcoming us into their vineyard for this experience. As you know we have spent a good portion of our summer weekends popping up the Avo-rrito Street Cuisine tent at the winery and we intend to be back this summer with our new trailer. In the meantime, Dan has opened up a new sports bar inside of the winery for everyone to enjoy. Stop out and watch your favorite games on the numerous TV’s he has inside, play a game of pool or darts and just enjoy a beer (or wine!) on these chilly winter days.